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30 Aug '14:  I've just uploaded an acoustic "live" version of "Maybe Tonight" performed with guitarist, Simon Yong.
Find it in the MUSIC section of this site. Downloads are free, Enjoy and Share!
27 Aug '14: So I've been nominated for the Ice Bucket challenge,
I've decided to raise awareness for 2 Singaporean dog welfare groups that I support D.O.G.S (Dogs. Owners. Guidance. Support) and Exclusively Mongrels Limited.
Watch the video (in the VIDEO section)  and spread the word for my furry pals.
My new single, "Colours, Needles and Stories" is available for download now!
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  • Together we play music!
    Together we play music!
  • Good for a laugh. #art #artstage
    Good for a laugh. #art #artstage
  • Feel the fear, and do it anyway. Happy Monday! #art #artstage
    Feel the fear, and do it anyway. Happy Monday! #art #artstage
  • Wax #skull galore! #art #artstage
    Wax #skull galore! #art #artstage

"Colours Needles and Stories" Music Video